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In French, \\Concepteur\\
translates to Designer.

Your wedding should be uniquely special.

Like a piece of art, a wedding requires detailed knowledge of the couple before designing a concept – every stroke that represents you, as well as every bit of your likes and dislikes.

Since 2014, The Wedding Concepteur have pride ourselves as planners who put our couples’ needs first. In order to create a unique wedding experience that represents the both of you, we believe in finding the right vendors based on your requirements, instead of working with the
so-called “preferred vendors”.

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Whether it is a small, local wedding or a 300-guest destination wedding, you can count on us to help you through every step of your wedding planning journey.

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Whether it is a small, local wedding or a 300-guest destination wedding, you can count on us to help you through every step of your wedding planning journey.

Thank you for all the help you’ve provided from the start to the end. It was a very memorable journey for Pam and myself. Thank you Cheryl and Shuet very much from the bottom of our hearts.

Aurobind Yap

Thank you so much Cheryl, Rachel and Matilda for all the amazing planning and work through the last year and making everything happen so perfectly. Planning a Singapore destination wedding from San Francisco CA USA is no easy task but you and team made it all happen!!

Jennie Lok

Cheryl and Matilda have been on top of everything since day one and ensured things were sorted well ahead of the wedding day so we could count down in a relaxed way. Always quick to follow-up on all our specific requests as well as patient to find the right vendors. On the wedding day itself they also went out of their way with a team of 3. Working with The Wedding Concepteur was easily the best decision in our wedding planning, even more so given the complications of planning a wedding during Covid-times.

Lennart Ephraim

My now husband, Alan, and I were scrambling for last minute saviors because we were dissatisfied with our previous planners. Lo and behold, saviors we did find. We were 2.5 months to the wedding and there were still lots to be confirmed. Details that had to be fixed. A rehearsal wasn’t even planned yet. Being a natural worry wart and perfectionist, I was frantic. But Cheryl and Rachel had everything covered down to the T and assured me that they have everything under control. True to their word, even on my wedding day, all was smooth. My heartfelt gratitude to The Wedding Concepteur. I love them. And I know you’re gonna love them too.

Jill Tan

Throughout the entire planning phase, Matilda was prompt and responsive in contacting the vendors and keeping us updated. This attentiveness also carried through to the wedding day itself, thus allowing us to fully enjoy our wedding day, without having to worry about anything.

Pamela Yang

Meticulous, agile, creative, and thoughtful — Just some words describing our wedding co-ordinator, Novy. Like many others who were co-ordinating weddings during COVID, we were lost – especially at the thought of having changed our plans numerous times. TWC acted fast and constantly fed us with updates – assuring us each step of the way that they had our backs. The actual day breezed with smooth coordination and little worries thanks to Novy. We’re thankful to have had an amazing support from this team.

Amanda Lim

One of the deepest impressions was when my wife was walking down the aisle and she was about to break into tears and smudge up all the make up while the photographers and videographers were snapping away, Cheryl appeared on one side of the aisle and gave my wife a big smile while waving both arms in an exaggerated manner, to distract my wife and put a smile on her face, all the while staying hidden from the cameras – only she would have thought of looking out for such a thing.

Karsten Toh

Cheryl was patient and wonderful from the beginning planning process right up till when our wedding was over! She really listened to exactly what I’d wanted and was great in coming up with ideas! I love her calm demeanor, which in turn helped me be a bridechilla as opposed to a bridezilla. Which is very necessary for planning a wedding!

Jean Danker

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